As everyone with a dog knows they love being out and enjoying their day as much as we do, but with our busy lifestyles,Work, Health issues and last minute events, We don't always have the time to give them as many walks as they need or would like too!

To take some of the pressures off of you, I am offering my services to those who feel their pet would benefit from a little extra care and attention each day!

I am Louise Raeburn, A genuine animal lover who has dreamed of working with animals since I was a little girl so decided to follow my heart and start Pads&Tails!

Working in kennels,having various pets over the years,working with animal charities and caring for friends and relatives pets, I have a lot of experience and knowledge for other pet owners to trust me in caring for there pets!

I am Fully insured, Police checked, Canine first aid trained, Edinburgh council registered and also have many happy customers happy to give references!